In order to facilitate access to unemployment benefits during the period when mobility is limited and public services are not functioning due to the declaration of the state of alarm, the consequences of failure to comply with the deadlines for applying for unemployment benefits and allowances and their extensions are rendered null and void.

Temporary suspension of deadlines

During the period of validity of the limitation of the mobility of citizens and the functioning of public services as a consequence of the declaration of the state of alarm, the consequences derived from the failure to comply with the following obligations in terms of unemployment benefits are suspended (articles 26 and 27):

a. The submission of the application for unemployment benefits within 15 days of the legal situation of unemployment, or the waiting period of one month required for some unemployment benefits (art.26) Thus, even if the application is submitted outside the 15-day period, the benefit will be paid from the date of legal unemployment, or from the end of the one-month waiting period in the case of unemployment benefit.

b. The request for extension of the unemployment benefit before the expiry of the 15 days following the expiry of the payment period of the last accrued monthly payment (LGSS art.276.2). This will enable the managing body to extend entitlement to unemployment benefit automatically in cases where entitlement is extended by six months.

c. The obligation for recipients of unemployment benefit over the age of 52 to submit a declaration of their income at the end of the 12 months following the birth of the entitlement or the last resumption (LGSS art.273.3.3º). In this way, the payment of the benefit and the social security contribution will not be interrupted even if the presentation is made outside the established period.

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